Health & Safety

Dance Conservatory of Charleston
Covid-19 Health & Safety

All classes will be made available virtually, so please keep your dancer home if anyone in your household is ill or experiencing symptoms of communicable illness. The health and safety of our dancers & faculty remains our top priority, and your help makes continuing in-studio training possible!

Before & After Class

  • All families should complete the DCC In-Studio Instruction Consent Form for Fall 2020 to ensure they are aware and comfortable with our requirements for dancers entering the studio.
  • We will record all faculty & dancer temperatures when entering the building as an added wellness precaution for classes and ask that you allow space between families while waiting to drop off your dancer.
  • We ask all dancers to remove their shoes and sanitize their hands when entering the building to help keep outside germs from making their way into the clean studio before class.
  • Every dancer will have their own personal assigned space within the studio that allows them room to dance comfortably while still safely social distancing.
  • To help keep our community safe we ask that all dancers & faculty wear a mask while in the building, but we also encourage our students to rest or step outside whenever they’d like to remove their mask for fresh air.
  • We are keeping our lobby, dressing and waiting room areas closed to limit the total number of individuals in the building, so students will be dismissed directly from their studio one at a time during the last few minutes of class. We ask that you please arrive to pick up your dancer promptly to ensure each class gets to dance as much as possible!

Health & Safety Protocols

  • All studio and restroom surfaces are sanitized before & after each class to welcome dancers into a clean, fresh space.
  • Limited class sizes to adhere to social distancing protocols.
  • Dancers & their families will have quick and easy access to hand sanitizer from with our new cleaning stations mounted next to every studio door.
  • Instead of drinking directly from the water fountain, we ask that dancers bring a labeled, personal water bottle to class that can be refilled as necessary.
  • Each studio is assigned its own restroom to keep the space fresh and limit the number of dancers crossing paths between classes.
  • All disinfecting products for studios and restrooms are commercial grade from Cleaning, Solutions & Supplies, LLC.
  • The full studio is disinfected by Holy Fog LLC; a pure organic dry fog proven against Covid-19
  • Premium HVAC filters that capture viruses, bacteria, and allergens are used in all HVACS
  • i-Wave HVAC air purification systems professionally installed in all 4 HVACs; tested and proven to reduce and inactivate 99.4% of airborne and surface Covid-19