Spring Semester Enrollment Change Request

In order to accommodate changes in family schedules we offer the opportunity to withdraw from or add classes between semesters by submitting the Spring Semester Enrollment Change Request Form. (Please note: we cannot support mid-semester withdraws, but class changes can be accommodated by completing the Semester Class Transfer Request Form.)

Students enrolled in our Pre-Professional program are financially committed for the full school year (Fall and Spring semesters) and are not eligible for enrollment changes.

Spring Semester enrollment changes will be accepted until December 15 of the current school year. If your request is received after that date, your Fall enrollment will rollover and you will be financially responsible for your enrolled class(es)’ tuition through the Spring Semester.

DCC strives to provide the highest level of dance instruction while keeping tuition affordable. As a small business, our operating budget each semester is based on the number of students enrolled. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for adherence to this policy.

Students requesting a change to their Spring semester schedules OR to withdraw from the Spring semester, are required to complete the form below.

To accurately keep track of requests, DCC will only accept notification through this format. We are unable to accept requests via email, phone, or text. Once submitted, we will respond to your request to the email provided within one to two business days. Thank you for your cooperation.

Enrollment - Spring Semester Enrollment Change Request Form

Added to Parent Page for Enrollment Changes

  • Please enter the class schedule change request below in detail and click submit. We will respond to your request to the email provided above within one business day.